After graduating high school I enrolled in college as a bio-chem major.  I worked as a lab technician in two labs.  Every day I would don my lab coat and gloves and sit under the fluorescent lights, alone with my petri plates and cell cultures.   It wasn't long before I realized that I hated bio-chem.  It was at this point that I started painting murals.  I spent the subsequent years reading art books, magazines, books on murals, talking to artists, painters, faux finishers, anyone involved in the trade, trying to garner as much information as I possibly could.  Other than a handful of community college introductory art classes, I am for the most part, self taught... and always learning.  One of the joys of painting  is that there is always something new to study and learn whether its your subject, medium, color palette etc.  I keep the nerdy side of my brain satisfied by listening to podcasts like "Stuff You Should Know" or "Star Talk" while I paint.  It really makes the time fly by!  I also create websites (You're looking at a Parker original), love talking to businesses about technology, and other geeky stuff.


I painted my first mural for a friend.  It was something that I thought would be fun to do.  Although I had an idea of how neat the finished product would be, I was pretty amazed at the reaction I got from it.  My friend LOVED it... her kids LOVED it... everyone LOVED it!  I was blown away!  The reaction I got was what drove me to start my business and it's still what drives me.  Each mural I create is painted with one thing in mind... getting that reaction from you!  I can't express enough how fun it is to come into someone's home, to put your heart into the mural that you're creating just for them, and know that you've left them totally satisfied and ecstatic about their new addition.  It's really easy to enjoy the work you do when the end product is an ecstatic client.  Painting murals is also always new and different.  There are always new challenges, new concepts, and new techniques to tackle and master.  Each job has its own personality which means I'm always having to learn new things, and paint in different ways.  One mural may be very dark and dramatic, while another is light with soft subtle tones.  Developing a mural that fits your styles and aesthetic is the challenge that keeps my job interesting, because in the end I'm not painting for me, I'm painting for YOU!


I was born in Poland in 1983, and moved to California when I was five.  Ever since I was a child I was intrigued by art.  Growing up I was drawn to paintings of sprawling landscapes, skyscapes, and seascapes.  I was so fascinated by being able to capture nature's beauty on canvas.  I painted my first landscape in oil when I was 13.  It was awful... but I didn't let that stop me.  Learning from my mistakes I kept painting and drawing as a hobby.   The following next few years brought a new appreciation for art.  As I grew older, and went back to Europe a couple times, I started to learn about art history and appreciate all forms of art.  I also started to realize at this point that artists look at the world a little bit differently.  Where most people see a tree, artists look at the way light and shadows play on a form.  We study the actual tree and compare and contrast that to the tree in our minds... How a leaf grows out of a branch or what parts of the tree catch the light, gets noticed and catalogued in our brains.  Its this constant study of the world around us that I love.  When you really stop and LOOK at something you realize the amazing complexity of it.  I'm wowed each time I start and new painting and have a new subject to catalogue in my brain, whether its figuring out how reflected light presents itself on a flower or how subtle color change can add dimension to a rock....

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