How much will my mural cost?
Most murals will cost between $5 to $25 per sq. ft. with a $350 minumum, depending on the intricacy, the size, any obstacles I have to work around, materials etc.  For more information about pricing please visit my pricing page.

Is there a charge for your proposal?
No, never!
I offer a free consultation, rendering/sketch and quote.  Once a general design and cost is approved I will (for larger projects) create a scale painting/rendering of the mural so that everyone is on the same page before any painting starts.

Can you paint a mural on canvas and then install it?
Yes.  I can paint onto a fabric specifically designed for this purpose, or onto very thin sheets of aluminum and then install the mural.  Sometimes this method is preferred when dealing with area that are high off the ground, or places where I need to get in and out as fast as possible.

What kind of paints do you use?
It depends on the type of project I'm doing.  For most murals I use wall paint that I tint because wall paint is designed to wear really well.  Depending on the situation I may seal the paint with a top coat though this is usually not necessary.  I also use water based airbrush paint for some murals, and for outdoor logos or graphics I'll use One Shot professional grade sign painter's paint. If you have specific needs for the type of paint you'd like me to use, just let me know!

How long does a mural take to paint?
It completely depends on the size your project but I work very fast. I love to start early, and keep painting all day, into the night if I can.
Being that I'm in your home, I try to work around your schedule. My #1 goal is to get your mural finished with the smallest amount of interruption in your life.  Getting a mural is supposed to be a really fun experience, so I always try to do my best to make sure that happens. 

How long have you been painting?
I started getting serious about mural painting a little over 15 years ago.
But I have drawn and painted my entire life.
I  actually went to college as a Bio Chem major, which left little time to paint, until one day an opportunity came up to paint a mural, which was such a joy to do, and came out great (for a science geek), but it was the homeowner's reaction, that really set this all into motion for me.  They were so overjoyed by what I painted. I wasn't prepared for that at all, but ever since that time, I was hooked. That little experience has sent me down this path for the last several years, allowing me the chance to paint all over San Diego, giving many people that same feeling. It is so incredibly rewarding to come into someone's life and leave them with something that they'll be able to enjoy for years to come.

What kind of murals do you paint?
I paint whatever my clients want; Wildlife, whimsical stuff, landscapes, skies, floor murals, themed rooms, I can paint from your photos or from memories, or just go crazy and paint something wild and abstract.
I work with each of my clients a great deal prior to starting, sitting down, going over ideas, to make sure you and everyone I work with, gets their exact, desired result.

Can you help me with designing my mural?
Yes of course!
I love being able to take ideas and objects that are very special and unique to you, and add them to your mural so it really becomes part of your home.  The easiest way to help me create a mural you'll love is to supply me with one or two reference photos of the STYLE of painting you're looking for.  A lot of times clients come to me with an image off the internet that they love but the subject doesn't fit their space.  Or maybe it's just the scale or the colors that they don't like.  The more specific your explanation the easier it is for me to create what you have in mind!

Do you paint commercial interior spaces?
Yes.  I have yet to come across a commercial space that is too difficult to work in.  Just let me know what I can do.

Did you go to school to paint?
Not really!
I was a Bio-Chem major in college, when I realized my lifelong love of painting and drawing just had to come out. I figured that I'd try to paint for a living and I've ended up taking one of my true passions and developing that into a very fulfilling career. I am really very fortunate!
What I'm really hoping for is to paint a series of science based paintings that will pull on my love for science and technology.  One of the things in life that I feel very strongly about is learning.   I am constantly educating myself about the things in this world that interest me like science and art!

What areas do you work in?
I paint all over Northern Georgia and the Atlanta metro area. However I have done projects in Macon, Warner Robbins, Cairo, and Jekyll Island!

Will you paint memories, people and pets?
This is a big yes!
Adding personal touches like describing a memory, or photographs of special times always enhances your mural.
Providing pictures of special places or people in your life, or even that special pet really makes your mural truly unique to you.
Some of my best murals are the ones were my client tells me a story from their past.  I listen really carefully to what you would like, and pick up on clues in your home.  It's like being a detective and trying to figure out what you would really be pleased with.  The murals I paint aren't about me and my interests but about you and yours!

Will you match my current elements in my room? 
Designing within your existing space is always something I take into consideration.  If this is important to you, it's very important to me.
I can color match with your current color scheme.  I take your style and sometimes even architectural features in your home and incorporate them into your mural. Your mural will go perfectly with what you currently have.

How long will my mural last?
In my fifteen plus years, I have yet to see a single mural fade, even in strong sunlight.  I'm really cognizant of the things that can compromise a mural, from bad substrate prep, to moisture and sun... these are all things I take into consideration when working on a project.  If the mural is in a place I think is questionable I'll talk about it with you before hand so that there are no surprises. The use of high end professional paints will ensure that your mural will last for a very long time.  In addition, by using these kinds of paints, will make your mural very easy to maintain, all you need is a damp, clean towel, to remove any mess that may occur.

Do you paint murals on exterior walls/block/retaining walls?
Yes .
For these kind of murals I use and exterior paint that will ensure the lasting quality of the exterior mural.
I've painted on a variety of exteriors like; stucco, masonry, wood, even boulders.
I'll prep the surface accordingly, to make sure the surface I'm painting is ready to accept the paint to ensure that your mural lasts long as it possible can. I am super aware of the prep part of the project. Its extremely important and often the most tedious part of the job, but also a necessary part of any exterior project.
A great example of a unique exterior surface is the tiger mural on a boulder.  Before I painted I scrubbed the rock with soapy water, cleaned all the cracks out, rubbed off any loose rock, let it dry overnight and then used a high quality satin finish paint to create the mural.

Will you touch up my mural?
Yes, absolutely.
Many clients worry about their murals getting damaged and what will happen if it does.
First, it is very rare that something bad happens, but if it does, I will of course come out and fix any damage that happens.

I also fix other people's work from minor to major repairs when the original muralist cannot be reached. You can check out the bottom of my mural gallery page for some examples.

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